I’ve Been Self-Publishing My Stories, and I’m Doing Better Than When I Submitted Them to Publications

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Biliz Maharjan


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Medium publications can be a bit complicated, especially for new writers.

I didn’t know how to submit and get published when I started writing here.

However, my views and followers increased significantly after a publication published my stories.

But times have changed now.

Medium has changed.

Publications have changed.

It isn’t like it was three years ago. Writers who have been on this platform long enough can agree with me on that.

Even the old publications aren’t the same. They have new guidelines and rules. They reject submissions for similar articles that they accepted before.

Things got weird, so I decided not to write for publications anymore.

I also started my own publication to experiment with ideas.

That didn’t do much good either.

Then, I decided to self-publish my stories.

I have stopped submitting my stories to publications. (You can check that in my profile here). I’ve self-published about ten to fifteen articles so far.

The results have surprised me.

My stories are doing better than they did before.

Plus, I have the flexibility to write and publish whenever I want.

Would my stories do better if they were published in big publications?


Maybe not.

I’ve seen stories in publications with more than 100K followers not do so well. They don’t have any engagement from the readers. Perhaps a few claps and responses. That’s it.

I also researched whether writing for publications did well for other writers.

I found that many writers have written viral articles that were not published by any publications. Medium has even boosted some of these stories for further distribution.



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