Why I Won’t Be Writing for Medium Publications Anymore

Is writing for publications still worth it in 2023?

Biliz Maharjan


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I started writing on Medium in 2020. After self-publishing over 50 stories, I saw no progress. I didn’t even have 20 followers at the time.

After profoundly understanding the platform, I learned what I was doing wrong.

I wasn’t writing for publications.

Soon, I learned how to apply and submit my stories to publications. I found a few that supported new writers.

My Medium profile grew significantly after I began writing for publications.

Since then, I have advised hundreds of new writers to avoid self-publishing. Instead, I asked them to find and submit their stories to suitable publications.

But now, I think I’m done writing for publications.

I have several reasons.

First reason

Many writers claim they have not seen any difference in writing for publications and self-publishing. I thought it was absurd at first. Now, I see they have a point.

For example, this guy has written viral articles without many followers and submitting to publications. He’s gotten over 25K views and made over…



Biliz Maharjan

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