You Will Never Become Rich If You Are Making This Mistake

What are you truly worth?

Photo by Towfiqu barbhuiya on Unsplash

For most people, their job is the primary source of income. The basic cycle is; earn, spend, and save. There is nothing wrong with getting a job. You will learn a lot from it, and you might also make good money.

But I have always been against the job mentality for several reasons. Firstly, you do not have flexible timing. You cannot choose when to work and when not to. So, you have to stick to the work schedule — 9 am to 5 pm, for most.

Secondly, you are told what you can and cannot do. Your boss assigns you some work, you do it, and then both of you are happy (if you do it well). It might not be something you want to do. Yet you have to do it. Otherwise, you might lose your job, which means no money, no security, no nothing.

Lastly, and most importantly, you are not paid for value. Instead, you are paid for your time. That is what I will be discussing in this article.

Getting Paid For Time

Let’s say that your monthly salary is Rs. 30,000. Further, suppose that you are a hard worker. You grind and sweat every day at work. You work to provide the best result, stay focused, and do whatever your boss tells you to do. So, you are a perfect employee. At the end of the month, you receive your fixed salary, which is Rs. 30,000.

Now, let’s suppose that you are not a hard worker. You are lazy, and you are in it just for the money. Let’s say that you cheat at work too. You only show that you are working hard in front of your boss. Other times, you gossip, chat, and surf the internet. You find easy ways to show that you have completed the task assigned to you. Yet you are still getting paid the same fixed salary of Rs. 30,000.

Getting Paid for Results

“There is nothing wrong with getting a steady paycheck, unless it interferes with your ability to earn what you’re worth.” — T. Harv Eker, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

Do you know a rich person who works for time? I don’t think so. Yes, some people do get paid a lot of money in their jobs. But again, they are missing out on the opportunities of earning more. They are valued at a fixed amount of money.

Getting paid for results and outcomes will provide you a chance to earn more. Work more, earn more; work less, earn less. It is that simple. The person who works hard and also provides the best results deserves to be paid more. In entrepreneurship, for instance, the more you work towards creating the best business, the more you can earn. Your income is never fixed. It increases with the amount of work you put in. And, it decreases if you don’t work harder.

Similarly, if you work in sales, you get commissions based on each sale. Your income is not fixed. For example, if you made fifty sales this month and only thirty sales the last month, you will be earning more now than before.

The Rich Mentality

Why do the rich do so? It is because they understand that a steady income will never make them rich. They believe in themselves, and they know their true potential — the value they can provide. When you know that you can offer more value, you should never agree to be paid for your time. Instead, you should always seek to be paid for your ability to deliver.

Poor people seek security and guarantees. They are not risk-takers. So, they remain poor. Furthermore, they trade their time for money. The problem is that time is limited. With limited time, you can only earn a limited income. You are killing your chance to create more wealth. Always remember this: Never have a ceiling on your income.

Final Thoughts

But, if your mentality is that you should be paid for your value, you will never agree with being paid a steady income. You don’t have to start a business and become an entrepreneur for that. You can get a job. But, make sure you get paid on percentage.

How valuable are you? What is your true potential? Are you being paid for what you are worth? If not, it is time to shift your mentality. It is time to re-program your beliefs. A steady paycheck is not the normal way to get paid for your work. The only way to earn what you are truly worth is to get paid for your value — your results and outcome.

So, choose to get paid based on your results, not your time.