The #1 Mistake New Writers Make (And How to Avoid It)

Let this article be an eye-opener for you.

Biliz Maharjan


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It was 2020 when I first thought about writing online.

I had zero experience. I didn’t know what to write about. I didn’t know how to get people to read my articles.

Most importantly, I didn’t know where to write.

The term blogger was quite famous when I grew up. It sounded cool. People talked about blogs and how they could earn money by writing articles online.

I was intrigued by the term blogger.

I looked up online for suggestions. Most of them were about starting a blog.

So, I did the same.

I bought a domain name and web hosting to start my blog. I aimed to monetize it with Google Adsense and make thousands each month. LOL.

That was a pretty big aim for someone who hadn’t written anything before.

After a few months of writing and monetizing my blog, I understood that starting a blog was a huge mistake. People hardly visited my site. And it took a lot of work even to make $10 from my blog.

Then, I heard about Medium. I decided to give it a shot. It was a whole other world of online writing. When I shifted my articles to Medium, people started reading and commenting on my posts.

They liked my articles, followed me, and even subscribed to my newsletter.

Next, I learned about how social media can be used to gain followers and viewers.

I began writing on LinkedIn and Twitter (it’s called X now).

My writing took a significant turn when I started sharing my work on platforms other than my blog.

Once I learned the possibilities of Medium and social media, I stopped writing new articles on my blog. Instead, Medium was my go-to place.

So, if you are a new writer, here’s my advice:

Don’t start a blog.

It’s a mistake.

Instead, start writing on Medium. You can build an audience, connect with other writers, and make money faster.



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