Struggling With Self-Discipline? Try This to Eliminate 99% of Your Distractions.

Self-discipline equals success. Here’s how you maintain focus on what matters.

Biliz Maharjan


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Self-discipline is the key to achieving your goals and becoming the person you want to be.

It allows you to focus more on the essential work and remove the unwanted distraction.

But, self-discipline can be a challenge.

Social media and other distractions make things worse. But it’s not those factors alone that make self-discipline so challenging.

It’s our human tendency to avoid complex tasks and seek comfort. We don’t want to exercise. We want to eat junk because it tastes good. We don’t want to read books and learn new skills. We want to watch Netflix and play video games.

I’m only speaking of the average human habits. Of course, many people read, exercise, eat healthily, and do more engaging activities.

The best self-discipline tip that works

I’ve struggled a lot with my habits and discipline. Even though I try to give my best, I fail to maintain consistency.

After much experimentation, I’ve learned that:

Self-discipline is not only about incorporating positive habits into your life. It is more about letting go of the negative ones.

So, the best self-discipline tip I can give you right now is this:

Learn to say no to yourself.

Saying no is one of the popular self-improvement advice out there. It’s become sort of a cliche advice.

The idea behind saying no is to avoid things that distract you from doing what truly matters. Whether meeting other people, hanging out with friends, or doing something you don’t want, saying no can save you a lot of time and energy to do what matters.

But it should not be limited to other people or circumstances.

What’s more important is to say no to yourself.

How to say no to yourself



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