New Writers, It Only Takes 500 Words For You To Become A Proficient Writer

The ultimate guide to improving your writing and generating a massive idea bank. All you need to do is write 500 crappy words every day.

Biliz Maharjan


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Writing online and finding your audience can be challenging for a new writer.

For example:

  • You might not have a clear idea about your niche.
  • You might struggle to find new topics to write about.
  • You don’t get enough views, likes, and responses.
  • You don’t make any money from writing.
  • You find it hard to produce quality work consistently.

In my early writing days, the most challenging part about writing online was finding new topics and getting people to see my work.

I overcame the challenges and improved the quality of my writing by consistently writing every day.

In this article, I’m sharing how writing 500 words can help you become a better writer, as it did for me.

The most cliché writing advice you have heard.

Write every day.

Or, write a lot.

I’m sure you have stumbled upon this advice. They say that writing every day will make you a better writer.

Surprisingly, it is true. Daily writing will help you become a consistent writer and improve the quality of your writing.

But it won’t happen if you don’t plan it strategically.

What do I mean by that?

You must seek to become a proficient writer. Every post you write should include lessons from the previous one. Learn from your daily engagements and feedback.

Your writing should add value to the readers.

If you are only here to write about your thoughts, keep a private journal instead of publishing your words for others to see. Your story should inspire or help people become their better selves.

How writing 500 words made me a better writer



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