Gary Vaynerchuk Is Scared About This Human Behavior

Source: Gary Vaynerchuk’s Facebook

Gary Vaynerchuk (aka GaryVee) asks a guy why he owns a BMW. The guy says that he loves the brand and that he loves driving it.

Gary addresses that for most of us, owning a BMW (or any expensive material possession) actually makes us feel good about how other people see us with it.

So, basically, what he means is that we love how our possessions make us look in other people’s eyes. But, in reality, we don’t like it as much.

In the macro, 98% of people that buy a Mercedes or BMW like what it makes other people think of them, not that they like it.

It is because of this that most people spend on things they don’t need.

They want more money to buy more things. So, they work at a job they hate to make $487 a month while they could easily live at $100 a month.

You only get miserable trying to impress other people. You could live with what you have and what you can afford.

If you stop doing things and buying stuff to impress others, you could live a happier life. You don’t have to work at a job you hate. Instead, you could do something more exciting and valuable to yourself — something that makes you happy.

Also, you have to stop caring about what other people think. Their perception of you should not be a matter of your concern.

Don’t buy things you don’t need, with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t like.



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