Consumption Isn’t Progress. Do This To Make Real Changes.

You don’t become productive by consuming productivity content.

Biliz Maharjan
3 min readNov 24, 2023
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I love reading books and learning new stuff. Sitting down with a book in my hand sipping my morning coffee feels fantastic.

The other day, I looked at my bookshelf and realized I had over a hundred self-help books. Then, I asked myself, “Why do I still have problems in life? Why isn’t things as I want them to be?”

I remembered what Alex Hormozi said in one of his videos. He says you can learn more from selling than reading a hundred books on sales.

The point is that consuming information will not help you progress. Instead, you must take action.

Reading self-help books, watching personal growth videos, and listening to productivity podcasts can feel like you are progressing. These activities give you a false idea that you are moving towards your goals.

But the truth is you aren’t. It’s just like me sipping my morning coffee and enjoying a book in my hand. Of course, I learn new concepts from the book. However, after reading the book, I don’t remember more than half the things.



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