A Conversation I Overheard Taught Me the Importance of Gratitude

Be grateful for what you have instead of complaining about what you don’t.

Biliz Maharjan


Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

I went for lunch at a nearby local restaurant the other day.

When I arrived at the place, the restaurant's owner was talking to a customer who was there with her child.

I ordered my food and kept scrolling on my phone. I could hear what they were talking about.

The customer and her kid (aged 4–5) were having black tea.

She was sharing her life problems with the restaurant’s owner. The conversation went like this:

  • Customer: I dream of not having to pay rent and give my child the best life possible. But unfortunately, I don’t see it happening ever.
  • Restaurant owner: It’s not just your problem. We (she and her husband) are facing the same problem. It isn’t easy to survive in this town without paying rent. Our income can only sustain rent and basic expenses.
  • Customer: My husband also doesn’t earn enough. He doesn’t take things seriously.
    (Note: Many lower to middle-class families in our country still have the men working for their families while the women stay home taking care of the children.)
  • Restaurant owner: Why don’t you return to your village, where you have family and can live more sustainably?
  • Customer: There are no good schools in the village for my child. I want my child to get the best education possible.

This conversation made me think about my problems and how unreasonable they were.

I have a roof at the top of my head. I can eat whatever I want and do what I like. Yet, I have complaints.

I would constantly complain about small things. I would want to buy stuff that I didn’t really need.

People like the customer and restaurant owner have difficulty sustaining their everyday lives, including food and other necessities. There are hundreds and thousands of people in the same situation.

I consider myself fortunate. My parents and grandparents worked hard and gave me and my sister…



Biliz Maharjan

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