Photo by JESHOOTS.COM on Unsplash

I started writing online two years ago. I knew nothing about it.

Then, Medium happened, and suddenly, I was learning so much here.

Some of the best writing lessons I’ve learned on Medium are:

  1. You become a better writer by writing more.
  2. Habits create identity. Build a writing habit.
  3. Your stories will be bad at first. Don’t try to make them perfect.
  4. Focus on quantity; quality will follow.
  5. Read other people’s work. And then, steal. Steal like an artist. Don’t copy their work; copy their process.
  6. Build a routine and stick to it.
  7. A well-written title will have a significant impact.
  8. Share personal stories.
  9. Provide value.
  10. Outline your story before you write the draft.
  11. Edit your work. Don’t go easy on yourself.
  12. Read books.
  13. Do interesting things.
  14. Collect writing ideas everywhere.
  15. Give first; ask later.