7 Steps to Become a Content-Creating Machine and Succeed as a Writer

How to go from a newbie writer to someone with a great personal brand and thousands of followers.

Biliz Maharjan
5 min readNov 11, 2023
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Creating content online helps you build an audience and monetize your work.

Whether you have a business or are an individual creator, producing online content is your gateway to success.

If you are a writer, only writing articles won’t help you build a personal brand. You might get a few people to read your work. But you must apply other strategies to make a recognizable brand that people want to follow.

Here are seven steps for you to become a content-creating machine and succeed as a writer:

1 — Build an “Idea bank”

Good ideas turn into great content.

Collect ideas wherever you go. Read books, listen to podcasts, and consume as much as possible to find great ideas.

Write your ideas in a notebook or use an app on your phone. I keep my ideas in a separate journal, which helps me keep track of them. Later, I turn those notes into articles or social media posts.

Build an “Idea Bank”— a collection of all your ideas in a commonplace.



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