3 Qualities of Medium Writers That Make $500 (or More) Per Month

Go from being an average writer, making $100 or less monthly, to a writer who makes over $500.

Biliz Maharjan


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Writing impactful stories is the primary quality of a great writer. Any work that provides immense value to others will be considered good work.

But sometimes, it takes more than high-quality work to succeed as a creator. Writing on Medium is the same.

Most of us believe that the key to writing success on this platform is to publish meaningful stories that inspire others and add value to their lives.

It’s 100% true.

But other factors influence your success on Medium.

If you want to go from being an average writer, making less than $100 monthly, to someone making over $500, you need the following qualities.

1. A collection of high-volume work

Producing high-volume work is the key to succeeding as a writer (or creator). No matter what creative work you are into, this is the primary factor in your success.

Your work defines your worth.

The more you produce, the more you learn. As a result, you get better. You improve by learning from your mistakes. You’ll know the value of consistency.

No writer achieves success by writing only ten articles. No painter produces a masterpiece on their second painting. You need to produce work in massive quantities.

Remember, quantity leads to quality.

Get in the habit of publishing your work. Don’t overpolish it. Don’t try to make it perfect from day one because it won’t happen. Instead, you might not want to publish it if you overthink perfecting it. Instead, keep it simple.

You won’t be great from the beginning. You need to maintain consistency in producing and learning.

Every successful Medium writer produces high-volume work. They publish at least three to five articles every week. They are consistent in doing so.

2. Well-crafted headlines



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